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Low Stakes Degen
  SaturdayZerg, Sep 26 2011

I'm on exchange in france right now and inexplicably decided to install pokerstars last weekend after 9 months not playing (using my school's VPN of course)

Friday to Monday went like this:

Played about 50 $3.50 SNGs and broke even - felt tilty and got frustrated not having a HUD

Played 80 $7 HU SNGs and up $80 - felt better since pretty much everyone I played against limped buttons and donk bet with weak draws

I was about to uninstall pokerstars and focus on school but then railed a bit of the WCOOP and thought "wow, must be fun to go deep in a tournament. wonder what that feels like."

So I try out ONE $2 rebuy tournament to mess around while I study and manage to luckbox my way to the final 100 after 5 hours and skipping dinner. At this point I'm stoked to be 10th in chips of a $16k tounrnament (first prize $2500), and obviously I then proceed to bluff everything off since I had no idea how to play tournaments and I stopped sucking out. Finished 64th for $30

Think "at least I'm still good at HU SNGs, wonder if I can beat the pros" so lose at $30 HU SNGs until I bust my online bankroll

Guess I can take a break from poker now and enjoy france a bit more

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Sports Betting Beatable?
  SaturdayZerg, Sep 19 2011

For someone who does not have access to inside information, is online sports betting beatable in the long run?

I've been watching and reading professional tennis now for years now but not sure if I can ever get an edge over gambling sites.

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Terrible @ Live
  SaturdayZerg, Nov 14 2010

I am terrible at live poker. Played about 500 hands over 6 months and down $700 at 1-2NL


Second orbit at table. Saw villain min-raise once with a draw. Has monster stack for 1-2
I just doubled up the previous hand AIPF AA vs QQ

Hero UTG+3 $400
Villain UTG+2 $1400

Dealt AdQs

UTG+2 limps $2
Hero raise to $20.
Hijack calls
UTG+2 calls

Flop ($63)

Qc 2h 3d

UTG+2 check
Bet $50
Hijack folds
UTG+2 calls

Turn ($163)

UTG+2 check blind


Bet $100
UTG+2 calls

River ($363)


UTG+2 shoves $230

Hero ???

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